Thank you to @leggomyfuego666 for her honest and amazing Review #223 of our Spicy Sauce.

Name: @bigsalinasbarbecue Spicy BBQ Sauce

Tara’s Scale of Spicy: 3 out of 10 (builds)

Tara’s Taste Rating: 9 out of 10

Would I Buy Again: Yes

Food Pairings: BBQ Pulled Chicken, Wings, Fried Chicken Sandwich

Where to Buy:

Thoughts: Yum! This is finger licking good! This is a thinner pour than most bbq sauces but I like it! There’s several sweet ingredients in here so right off the bat I get the sweetness, but it’s offset well with the spices. Very peppery, warm heat. I get a little bit of the tomato base. The heat seems very mild at first. Not quite sure what the source is, I’m assuming black pepper? The more you have the more warmth you get but it remains manageable. The sweet part of this sauce reminds me of the chick fil a Polynesian sauce but so much better because it has a kick. This would be amazing on some ribs! Honestly I’ve just been eating it by the spoonful! So good! Definitely check this one out!